Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Covered in paint!!!!!!!

I am covered in PAINT!

Not that that's out of the ordinary, lol, but rather this time it is nasty latex flat interior paint (Antique White, to be exact). Of course, I've been painting my old apartment today (along with Matt!).

This is truly one of the most futile things I have ever done (outside of an academic setting at least!!!). Not only because I just PAINTED that room (not knowing that the "I need more room" space was going to bite me and make me move to a new home). You see, the leasing office is going to paint it white again, in just a couple of days. They told us we had to paint it white ourselves, to cover up the "Donegal Tweed" that we painted it already. But they didn't care what shade of white, since they're going to paint it again for the new tenants. How pointless is that? Argghh - oh well, anything to get my deposit back =P Of course, I could have spent this whole time painting an actual PAINTING or two that would probably make me more money than my silly deposit, lol, but it's the whole principle of the thing.

So, now I've got ugly white paint in my hair, even my eyelashes, and all over my dorky overalls. =P

We're almost done, but we've stopped painting for the day. It's dark out, and the breakers are turned off in that part of the apartment, so there's just no way. We don't need to turn the keys until tomorrow, and Matt says it will just take him a second to touch it up. We still have a lot of cleaning and stuff to do, so we're just taking a short break in our new home to eat dinner, etc. After that it's off to clean. Matt says he can do most of it though, and that way I can get some "real" painting (ie, on my "Rude Faeries" painting!!!) for later tonight! Man, I am soooo not moving again until I really buy my "dream home". (Of course, I think I said this exact same thing just a couple of months ago......)

Anyways, I'm going to grab some dinner. After that I'm going to clean a little at the old place, and then head back here for at least a token bit of painting ;) I'll post the webcam link when I start!!!!
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