Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I finished Laura's commission, and sent it off to her for approval!

Now I've started THREE original pieces, lol. I'm just starting off with the backgrounds - I don't know which one I will do first.

So far the plans are a 12"x16" piece, maybe New Orleans themed, I might even stick Anne Rice's house in there, since I really want to buy it, lol, but obviously can't yet afford it =P

Then, I have a 12"x16" piece ready to be turned into the NEXT "Mother Nature" painting - this one will be "Mother Nature: Bringer of Death" - kind of the flip-side of my "Mother Nature: Abundance of Life" painting. I'd like to show both the positive and negative aspects of Nature. I might offer them together as a print set (maybe like framed next to eachother, when we get the frameshop set up....).

Then, I have a HUGE (for me, hehe) painting I'm just figuring out how to setup - it's going to be 24"x18" (that will be tied for the largest piece I've ever offered on eBay!) that will be called "Rude Faeries" or "Mean Faeries" or something like that. I've got lots of reference photos of myself sticking out my tongue and making rude gestures and stuff, lol. I'm going to put a bunch of them in there being generally obnoxious. Ought to be pretty cute ;)

So, if you are watching my webcam you may see me working on any and all of these, switching back and forth while they dry!!!
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