Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good evening!!!

Aaaah! Crazy day!!!!

We're a little more set-up in our new home! We still haven't moved any of our bedroom stuff yet from our old apartment, lol, but we still have another week to get to that as needed. Our living room is pretty well situated now, our computers on their desks, etc.

We did get quite a lot done today, there's just quite a lot to do. I keep sitting down at the computer and getting sidetracked too, lol, which probably doesn't help, hehe. I have great masses of email I'm trying to sort though - eek!!! We moved my art desk over here, but all of my stuff is still boxed up so I need to dig all of that out and sort it.

Since we have sooo much more room here, we stopped at Office Max and bought some office furniture to outfit my new art/business area. FINALLY I have a filing cabinet - a nice wooden one. I've been keeping all of my receipts and records shoved in drawers and crappy expandable files, etc. and it was getting insane. I was getting overwhelmed trying to get it all in line for income taxes!!!! Now I'll be much more organized! We also bought a great little piece of furniture (that matches the filing cabinet) with cubby holes for inbox-outbox type stuff, cupboards to keep supplies in, etc. There's just so much room in our new townhome - it's perfect for integrating my home with my art/business. Since we are the type of silly people who just eat on the couch and there's just two of us, we decided not to set up the dining room area as a traditional "dining room" - rather we're using it as my office/studio, which is wonderful. The spare bedroom is being delegated as a shipping/framing/matting room (after we buy a nice framing/matting setup with tools and tables, etc. for Matt to work for me!!), and we're going to outfit it with a nice futon and stuff so it can also serve as a guest suite for our many visitors =)

I'll probably get my painting stuff ready to go for tomorrow! I have one commission I need to finish, and I need to touch up wobblesnorts's commission, and I'll be working on many new pieces for eBay!!! I'll also be starting a new print sale tomorrow or the next day with some of my more recent paintings on sale as prints!

We're going to go grab some dinner now, and then jump back into the saga of furniture and email, lol. I'll post here if I get my painting stuff setup tomorrow!!! Goodnight, everyone!
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