Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Too much craziness! I keep looking around my apartment, knowing I'm going to be moving tomorrow. I have had sooo many happy memories here, even though I've only lived here for about 10 months. There is so much I have to do! o_O

I have a HUGE amount of prints, books and paintings to send out too, which I need to send out tomorrow. And two commissions to finish. And this big painting I'm working on now to finish. And almost 150 unread email (and that's not including LiveJournal and spam!! Please bear with me if you've emailed me recently!). And a website to update. And still more places I need to update my new address with. Help! ::screams::

But - at least the weather forecast isn't calling for rain - I HATE moving in the rain!!!! It's supposed to be sunny and 70s, which sounds great for moving.

Right now though, I think I'd better tackle things one at a time. I want to first finish this Masquerade painting, so I can list it tonight on eBay.

Man, moving can be stressful, but I know I'll be so much happier once I get settled in, and have so much more room, etc. I'll try to take lots of breaks and stuff to try to relieve the stress, etc.

But now, I'm painting! You can watch my webcam here!
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