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the license runs out on our van this month - and it needs a lot of work to get it to pass inspection. it was stolen earlier this year, and it was recovered in some park in Kansas City, KS. the bastards who stole it completed fucked it all up - they ripped out a lot of the interior, they tore out the windshield wipers by their roots (we've been making do by putting RAIN-X on the winshield, since it's like $500 to replace the winshield wiper motor), they busted up the ignition so we have to hotwire it each time we start the car, we can only turn on the brights (not the regular headlights, since the ignition is all fucked up), the fan on the heater doesn't work, they scratched up the exterior, and sometimes the side-door falls off when you try to open it, lol. in other words, it's pretty craptacular. it would cost more than it is worth to fix everything on it. so, we need a new car. we need one that will at least make it to Florida so we can drag a U-Haul with our stuff when we move. after we move we'll get some other car too - so we can each have one. i just don't want to move two cars across country, it sounds like a hassle.

we're going to look at a Jeep Cherokee next monday - matt talked to the guy today and it sounds like a great deal... we'll see. i think it was a 1990 - which is kinda old, but newer than the cars we're used to lol. my dad has a Jeep Cherokee (albeit, it is like 12 years newer than the one we're looking at!) and he just loves it.

i made a huge salad for lunch - it has spinach, black olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, green onions, fresh herbs, green peppers, cucumbers, and Greek dressing. matt & i had it with garlic focaccia bread - damn that was good!

i bought some more diet vanilla coke at the store - there was an elderly lady there who told matt & i that we didn't need to buy diet pop since we were so little, lol! matt told her that is how we help to "stay little". we also bought a humidifier/vaporizer to help the dry air in our apartment. you'd think that living underground would keep the air moist, but no... in the winter it is soooo dry. every morning we wake up with dry throats and chapped lips - yuck. the kitties are inordinately interested in it for some reason...

we went to kachina's house last night - we had lots of fun. daddy had sent over some boxes of our junk that had been in his attic and we found all sorts of hilarious things from when we were little. kachina was always writing in notebooks - we found tons of them. most of them were from about 10-12 years ago - so she was 9 or 10 years old when she wrote them. in one of them she wrote that her favourite shows were "Full House," "Charles in Charge," and "The Simpsons" - LOL! another journal described her biggest fears: "Being bombed by Iraq," "a Lion escaping from the zoo," and "having to play dumb games in gym class!"

we came home really late - and after we'd gone to bed, our kitties started being unnecessarily wily... after hearing them scramble around loudly, i finally got up to see what they were doing. the each had one of my Dragonball Z socks - both of them had one end in their mouths and were kicking the other end with their hind legs. they were doing it in unison - it was one of the funniest things i've ever seen!

i'm excited to start some new paintings! matt's been writing some background history for "The World of Strangeling" which is a multi-media concept we're working on to add some depth to my artwork and some possible tie-ins with some collaborative books we have in the works, and my website etc. very hard to describe - we're creating a very complex and multi-leveled mythology behind my artwork describing the inter-connectedness of myself and the creatures and places i paint. it's in a very rudimentary stage right now - just fragments of text and poetry, etc. we have some story lines and characters - it's very strange, because we're going by the notion of Strangeling being both my alter-ego and the World of Strangeling as being my creation with an overworld of Faery folk and an underworld of The Crypt (darker, gothic work) and we're trying to make sense of it all as being literal and living aspects of my personality. i'm sure this makes no sense to anyone reading this...
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