Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

let me see... what've i been up to...

matt & i went to see Harry Potter (chamber of secrets) yesterday! i thought it was wonderful - i think i even enjoyed it more than the first one (which i loved). kenneth branagh was hilarious! we also went to panera bread where i had a mediterranean veggie sandwich - yum.

i put three new pieces up for auction on eBay - i finished some commissions, so i can now get some more work done on my website and get some new paintings done.

i've still got some christmas presents to buy... i'm waiting for lots of them to come in the mail. ow, i closed a door on my foot a couple minutes ago and it hurts =(

i'm hungry! i think i'll wait for matt to get home before i eat though. he should be here any time now.

i played some Animal Crossing and some Super Smash Bros. today. i slept late, and i had weird dreams all night about finding alligators and monkeys in my yard. i had the TV on while i fell asleep and everyone in my dreams kept saying things with an australian accent - i woke up in the middle of the night to find one of those Crocodile Dundee movies was on (the Simpsons tape had run out), lol, that explains it. it's fun to sleep with the TV on - that way i'll have dreams (for some reason i don't have very many on my own).

i'm mad - on sunday night i was going to watch the new Simpsons. at around 7:00 i checked FOX and it looked like there was a &$%@ football game on and it didn't look near finished. so, matt and i went to the store. we came back around 7:25 and the Simpsons were on! we saw the last 2 minutes. i'm not sure whether they played the whole episode or started it in progress, but i was mad i missed it. everyone on my simpsons mailing list was talking about it and i felt left out. oh well, it will be fun seeing an episode i'd never seen before when it's rerun in syndication =P

i made enchiladas on sunday night - they were good! matt and i ate them quickly, and then we played a fun drinking game, lol. we played "VS." matches against each other on Super Smash Bros. and each time the loser had to take a drink (we had margaritas with tequila). man, i wish i had some of those enchiladas now...
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