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eating blueberries

i'm eating blueberries! matt and i just came back from Hy-Vee (grocery store). i bought blueberries (only 99cents a pint), granola bars, fat-free pringles, little vegetable pizzas, diet mountain dew code red, brownie mix and ice cream (so matt can have his ice cream and brownie sundaes), lite fudgesicles (for me to eat while i watch matt eat his ice cream and brownie sundaes), and morningstar vegetarian buffalo wings (my favourite). i forgot to go to the bank (i was planning to on my way back) so i'll probably go tomorrow when i hit the post office. matt's feeling better, he might go pick up a shift this evening (or not).

i've been thinking about how we'll decorate our new place after we move - we're not taking much of our furniture with us (just whatever we can fit into our van and a u-haul). we'll probably get a chinese opium bed (sometimes called a marriage bed) like this one - they cost about what a quality regular bed does from a department store (around $500 - $1500), and they are far cooler. most of them fit regular mattress sizes too. this particular one was up on eBay by FuFu's Chinese Antiques. i've been saving money for new furniture so we won't have to fill the place with our usual chipboard and simulated wood grain pieces from Target (which while economical and functional, are not exactly heirloom-quality!). until next time...
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