Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!

Daddy & Robin (my stepmom) arrived yesterday, and we've been having lots of fun =) We got some vegetarian Chinese takeout from the Garden Cafe last night, which was delicious! We also went on a nice long walk around town. Now they are off at Epcot, while I finish my painting and get some prints and things ready to ship out before I leave. We leave tomorrow afternoon, heading down to the house we always rent in Key Largo. We'll then go out snorkeling, and to the various beaches and parks, and my parents will probably do some scuba diving. We'll drive down to Key West and hit the shops & restaurants and stuff too! On the way back we'll go through the Everglades, etc. Ought to be fun!!!!!

Right now though, I'm PAINTING! I'm working on a pretty purple haired faerie (more realistic, self portrait style), with some small little cutie faeries. I've been looking at a lot of VERY old fairy paintings from the 1830's - 1860's (Victorian Fairy Paintings) and I really like depictions of all different sized faeries all together, showing wide varieties of different types. Like these here: http://www.denison.edu/art/fairy/pages/fairy112.html
http://www.denison.edu/art/fairy/pages/fairy121.html etc.
I remember there was a really cool book called "Victorian Fairy Painting" that was at Barnes & Noble once, and I thought about buying it, but didn't. When I changed my mind and went back - it was gone!! =P I should try to find it on Amazon or something....

Anyways - enough rambling about faeries ;) You can watch me paint here! Hopefully I'll finish this up and get it up on eBay tonight. We're going to Epcot tonight to meet up with my parents for dinner, so I'll probably auto-list the painting (so it will be on eBay already before I get a chance to update here or with my mailing list) but I'll post a link as soon as I get back tonight! I might even get another small piece up on eBay - we'll see how much time I've got ;P Okay - off to work!
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