Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

busy times

let me see - so much has been going on!

matt's birthday was yesterday, we had a great time. we had the party at amber/daddy's house and amber & kachina had decorated everything with froggies! streamers, banners, paper plates etc. we even had a big froggy pinata!! it was great watching matt stumble around the front yard in the dark and in the cold trying to hit the pinata, lol.

he got some awesome presents - Robin&Daddy got him a really nice Rio MP3 player (which he's playing with right now), and Amber&Chris got him some wildlife books (on edible plants, poisonous plants, and florida wildlife parks) and Super Smash Brothers for the Gamecube. Kachina&James got him Metroid Prime on the Gamecube and also a little candy thing with Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) on it (i'm guessing Kachina picked that one out, lol). Sonya was there and she got him a gift certificate at Suncoast.

we had pizza, tons of snacks, german chocolate cake, we watched episodes of "Mr. Show with Bob & David" at matt's request. also - my dad always buys us lottery tickets on our birthdays as well (the scratch-off kind) and one of matt's won $30 - woo hoo!

then when we got home we played some Super Smash Brothers - it is an AWESOME game. it has tons of classic Nintendo characters and you fight each other. matt and i fought each other all night - he usually was Donkey Kong and i was Princess Peach (the princess from the Mario games). we're pretty evenly matched at playing fighting games, so they're always lots of fun. you can even be Pokemon characters (like Pikachu or Jigglypuff) and Link from Legend of Zelda... it's hilarious.

i also needed a photograph of myself for my artbook - the publishers had requested one of me in my "studio." lol, my whole apartment is my studio. i had matt take a picture of me in front of some shelves i use to keep prints and canvases on (out of kitties' reach) while i sat in my computer chair with my drawing board out in front of me like a table (i usually just paint on the floor next the computer, but that doesn't look very professional!). i held a brush kinda like i was painting, lol. here's the pic i sent them:

i tried to look somewhat professional in the picture - there was another one i liked (shown below) but my ear was poking out and i didn't look very grown up, lol.

tomorrow afternoon i'm going shopping with matt, my mom and sisters, and then matt and amber and i (and of course chi, since she lives there) will continue on to kachina's house for Dungeons & Dragons, and fun times.

i have one more commission i need to get finished - hopefully i can get it done tomorrow during the day. i got a couple more commission requests (including an album cover for some heavy metal band) today, i'm not sure whether or not i'm going to be able to take them on. it will depend on what their time frames are. i'm happy to see that people are still wanting commissions despite my price increases =)

i'm anxious to paint more - with all of the holidays and such i'm getting behind in my work. tonight though i am going to work on amber's wedding website. i also need to continue on my own new website soon too! i want it up as soon as possible since all of this book stuff (even though it won't be out until next fall) might be sending extra visitors to my site.

i'm hungry.
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