Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I'm back!

What an eventful week!

We picked up my sister Amber and her husband Chris at the airport last Saturday, and I've been off "vacationing" with them all week =)

We went to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Pirate's Cove mini golf, and also had a grand time living it up here in Celebration, taking long walks, eating lots of wonderful meals, drinking a lot, and just having a lot of fun =) They showed us a great restaurant we hadn't been to before (even though it's at Epcot, lol, - Epcot has a lot of restaurants!) called Mitsukoshi Teppanyaki, which is a fantastic Japanese restaurant where they grill your food on a big griddle in the middle of your table. They're even considerate enough to cook all of our veggie-stuffs before they put the other guests' meaty stuff on the grill, hehe. We also went to the Garden Cafe (vegetarian Chinese restaurant in downtown Orlando) twice, the Market Street Cafe in Celebration, Upper Crust (pizza restaurant downstairs), Mythos (a cool themed restaurant at Islands of Adventure), San Angel Cantina (Mexican restaurant in Epcot), the Alchemy Bar (medieval themed tavern inside a giant tree at Islands of Adventure), Cosmic Ray's (at the Magic Kingdom), and probably some other places I've forgotten, lol. We also had some wonderful foods cooked here at home - Ravioli Lasagna, Penne Alfredo, Vegetarian Chicken Pot Pies with baby vegetables and finger potatoes, Spanokopitas and vegetable phyllos, etc. etc. etc. Click below to see some photos:

We sadly dropped them off at the airport again this morning for them to go home =(

I know I probably have a ton of email to get through that piled up while I was gone, so please bear with me, it might take me a day or two to get to you if you've emailed me recently =)

Before I tackle that though, I desperately need to PAINT! I need to get some originals done for eBay, and then for a couple of commissions, etc. Eek! And then in less than two weeks I'm going down to the Florida Keys to vacation with my parents, so I'm going to be incredibly busy for the next several days!!!! I'll be painting all day, and probably all day every day all week ;) You can watch me on my webcam here!. I'm still getting a couple of things done on my computer real quick, but I'll be painting on camera shortly thereafter. I've got about a million and a half ideas in my head and I have no idea what I'm going with first. Whenever I go to Disney World, theme parks, and other places like that, I always get so many ideas growing in my mind and the creative juices REALLY start to flow.....

Okay - off to work ;)
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