Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


matt found my shirt! my "Sally" from The Nightmare Before Christmas fitted t-shirt that he gave me two christmases ago. i had worn it ONCE and it had been lost ever since. we found it rolled up (along with my black beret which had also been missing) in some sheets in our closet.

matt's been sorting through stuff in the closet. we're giving our dressers to kachina&james (since we don't want to move them) and we're trying to make more room. matt took a TON of clothes and a big stuffed monkey of mine and fit it ALL in one "Space Bag" (he got some for his birthday). those Space Bags are awesome - they really do work as well as they do in the infomercials. he loves them - you put a bunch of stuff in them and then vacuum out the air and it makes everything small and flat.

i got a call from daddy this morning that he and robin were on their way to wichita (i was going to go over there to do computer stuff tonight, but since they won't be home i'll paint instead) since the both of them didn't have to work today. i'll bet they go to the zoo there. or, maybe they're going on Jeep trails or something - i couldn't exactly tell what was going on since their cell phone sounded a bit wonky.

bleah, cold out today. i made a bunch of prints, and i went to the post office. i had a bunch of stuff to mail. a lot of my paintings have been green lately - it had just occurred to me that all of the pieces i was thinking of submitting for publication in the book were all green, i'd better throw in something of a different colour for good measure.

ugh, somebody keeps knocking on my door - i looked out the peep-hole and i don't know them. i think i'm just going to ignore them, thank you.

i had fun at my niece's birthday! she was really cute. there were a lot of people at the party, i'm not quite sure who everyone was, but they all seemed nice. as far as i can tell, at least, most of them didn't speak english =) there were a total of three cute little girls - Cielo of course was turning 1, her cousin Ana is almost 2, and a little girl named Jennifer (probably not how it's actually spelled) who was 3. Sarah had lots of food - she bought Boca meatless Italian sausages & bratwursts & Boca meatless "chick'n" nuggets all for me and matt.

oh good, whoever was knocking on the door went away. they've started knocking on the neighbors' door now. probably selling something.

i'd better get to painting now...
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