Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

i coloured my hair this morning - no more blonde roots =)

i always use Feria "Starry Night" dye which is black with a blue tint. i always admired Veronica's haircolour in Archie comics when i was a little girl, i think it shows =P

yay - my new dress is in the mail from australia. i can't wait to get it - i can wear it over a blouse (it is a jumper after all) in the winter and i can wear it by itself in the summer as a sundress. i really miss the sundresses i had when i was little with the smocking and the circle skirts - i'm forever looking out for anything that reminds me of them. Metamorphose Temp de Filles is still not shipping to the US, i hope they will soon. a girl on my mailing list says that Baby the Stars Shine Bright will ship overseas if you do a bank transfer (which is kinda expensive and a hassle). i think that instead i will use the Crescent Shop (www.crescent-shop.com) which is a japanese shopping service. you can email them with a proposal of what you want to buy from a japanese website or store (if you don't understand the text on the site you can email pictures) and they will buy it for you (since they are located in japan) and then ship it to you themselves (since most EGL clothing stores in japan don't ship overseas). they charge a 25% service fee, which is steep, but i don't see very many other options. occasionally (well, only a couple of times really) i will see clothing from BSSB, Cornet, Black Piece Now, and the other brands i love on eBay, but these occasions are rare. i snatched up one dress, and the only other jumper dress i've seen was pink gingham (not quite what i wanted) so i didn't bid on that one. we'll see. i really don't want to spend that kind of money on clothes until after we've moved (and certainly not before xmas!).

matt should be home soon. we're going to his sister sarah's house for her daughter Cielo's first birthday. she's a little cutie! sarah just called me from the grocery store wanting to know what vegetarian items she should purchase for us to eat, i thought that was very considerate.

afterwards we'll go to kachina's house and hang out, probably until the wee hours.

tomorrow i'm going to my dad's house in the evening to teach him all about online trading and other stock market stuff. he's got a kick-ass new computer, and i need to help him put photoshop onto his new hard drive.

i've been getting files ready for the book. the publishers need CMYK .tiff Macintosh formatted images at 300 dpi. most of the scanned images i have are RGB .jpg PC formatted images at 150 dpi. grr. i need to re-scan the images - unfortunately most of my work is sold, so basically i'm painting new pieces to put in the book. a couple of my older scans (that were in 150 dpi) i just changed to 300 dpi while keeping the integrity of the original image by sizing them considerably down. perhaps they'll be able to use those pieces for the smaller plates (not all of my pictures will be full-page images!). i want to finish at least one more new original painting to include (hopefully two), and then all i need is a photo of myself and some more written text. i've done the interview (it was intensive), so i should be able to have this all wrapped up within the next few days. i want to get it all to the publishers with plenty of time before the deadline in case they need more info or images from me.

wow, this was a really boring journal entry.
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