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Good afternoon!

Ah, what a dull day.

Post office, emails, orders, etc. Telephone calls to two credit card companies (for cards that I have long since paid off, and presumably canceled my accounts) demanding they remove the $25 "annual membership fees" and TRULY cancel my accounts! =P I love it how whenever you call a company and get in their "Cancel My Account" queue, they'll put you on hold for ten times as long as they would for any other reason. Maybe they think you will get bored, hang up, and just not ever cancel? Maybe that's what I did last time, lol, and that's why they are still charging me "membership fees" ;) But, I got it all sorted out, fees removed, cards cancelled, and so forth. Took a bloody long time though.

I put up last nights pictures here on Epilogue. I can't believe how many positive emails (and LJ comments - thank you all!) I received about those two! One of my New Year's Resolutions (as always) was to work harder on my artwork, and these two pieces seem both like good starts for 2004 =)

I was plagued with terrible, terrible insomnia all last night - I really didn't get any sleep. Second night in a row, despite the Tylenol PM, Sleepytime Tea, and Valerian. Meh. In lieu of sleeping I just read "Fire and Hemlock" by Diana Wynne Jones (one of my favourite authors - thank you to sunkachina who gave it to me for Christmas!) and got halfway through "Time of the Ghost" (also by Ms. Jones). "Fire and Hemlock" is a WONDERFUL book. I couldn't stop reading it. It really put me in a very excited and crazed state of mind too (probably compounded by lack of sleep).

The weather is up around 80 degrees and sunny again today =) Allegedly we're going to have a "cold front" next week sometime (which equates to highs in the 60s and 70s, which really isn't too shabby, lol). I feel so peaceful when I paint with all of the windows letting in the breeze.

I've got so many ideas for new paintings - I can't even think straight. I've got one half-started piece I'd better finish though - another self-portrait type piece. Not sure what it will end up looking like, so far it's just a black background with a big sketchy face on it, lol. I probably had an idea for it when I started out, but it's probably been replaced many times over in my head since then....

Ah, sometime this week I'm going to update my website AND my eBay store with some of these new prints. I've got about TWENTY new prints I need to add!! So one day this week I'll be in a half-mad state of html retina-burn. Fun.

But for now, I'm going to start painting. And - as usual - you can watch me here ;)
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