Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

new stuff

i went out for lunch with my mom & sisters today. we went to Chili's, where i had the vegetable and smoked cheese quesadillas with guacamole - yum! then we went to Costco (where i've gone 3 times this week...) and bought birthday presents for matt (sorry, but for obvious reasons i can't mention them here!). we also went to Super Target where i got some gorgeous new dishes. we desperately needed new dishes - the ones we had were found in the attic back when my step-mother first bought their house, and they were ancient. they were NOT microwave safe, we still microwaved them even though they would smell like burning crayons and bits and pieces would crack off. who knows - maybe they had an old lead glaze and we were driving ourselves mad with lead poisoning (that would explain a lot, really...). so, i bought some new ones. they are from thailand and look very asian - a solid matte black. i bought dinner plates, soup bowls, and sqare salad plates. even macaroni and cheese would look classy on these dishes. they were remarkably inexpensive too! here are some pics - first we have the dinner plates:

next are the soup bowls:

and finally here are the neat salad plates - they are cool and square:

i also bought mouthwash and my usual hairdye (i'm growing out blonde almost 2 inches... i've been lazy). i didn't take pictures of them but they aren't nearly so exciting.

fascinating stuff, eh?

let me see... i think i'm still ahead in the "Fishing Tourney" in my Animal Crossing game. of course i don't fish in real life, but it is fun in the video game. i'll go check to see if any of the animals beat me yet.

the publisher of "Mature" magazine sent me some complimentary copies since they used my paintings on their front and back covers last month for their halloween edition. they also have a big two-page spread all about me! an interview, etc. - it looks really professional. they unfortunately mis-spelled my name "Jasmine Beckett-Griffith" - everyone wants to put an extra "t" in Becket!!!! grrrr. oh well. i've found that if people search my name with two "t"s in most search engines it still brings up my website first, so it's not so bad. i'm going to do my best to let the publishers of the "Best Fairy Art" book know how to spell it correctly though!!! i'll put up some scans of the Mature magazine (i guess it's intended for senior citizens, but it actually is a pretty cool magazine) later for you all to see.
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