Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Whee! Finished up that last commission. But really I still have one more to do, so it wasn't the last one, lol. BUT you guys can watch me paint this one if you like, hehe....

Watch my webcam here

Man - I went to the Post Office this morning and it was so crazy - the line was the longest I've ever seen. And of course I get there with a big box of smaller boxes (mostly "The Art of Faery" copies), and a box of mailing tubes full of prints, and a stack of smaller prints, and customs forms and insurance requests and DAMN I got glared at, lol. By the people in line at least. The Post Office workers seem to like me, thank goodness, but the people behind me in line always seem to give me dirty looks =P

I kind of understand though - I know that the lady behind me doesn't want to watch me send out four dozen boxes just so she can ask how much postage she needs to mail her postcard back home to Ireland. I probably would glare too.

I'm thinking maybe about this next year starting to arrange Priority Mail pickups at my apartment (where a post office truck comes to your home to collect as many packages you want to give them). This means I'll get an account at USPS.com and print my own postage labels. Of course, this will only work for Priority Mail though, not for Regular US Mail, Overseas, Airmail, etc. But I'd say 80% of my shipping is Priority Mail, so I think it would be worthwhile. The rest of the stuff can just be done at the Post Office, but I won't be so guilty about holding up the line ;) Meh, we'll see.

Off to work.
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