Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!

Today I will be shipping out the first run of "The Art of Faery" books! I'm going to do it over the span of a couple of days so the people at the Post Office won't hate me too much (the workers OR the folks behind me in line, lol). I will email everybody individually when their order ships! I'm going to go ahead and send all of them out Priority Mail since it was delayed so long, and I know some of them are probably Christmas presents!

So, I have a long day of packaging and shipping ahead of me. Matt's going to be doing it too of course, so he'll keep me company. I'll also be working like crazy on some more commissions today, so my webcam won't be pointed at my desk. One of them is another piece that the customer has requested I keep off-line, and the other is a surprise PRESENT commissioned by somebody for a fan of mine who I know for a fact WATCHES my webcam, lol, so I'm not going to be showing it online!! ;)

Tonight is the Front Street Family Dentistry's company Christmas party, Matt (Matt's office) so we'll be off at the Columbia Restaurant for that =) Apparently they will serve vegetarian platters upon request, hehe.

So today will be a busy day! I'm going to try and get ALL of my commissions finished this weekend, so I won't be going absolutely crazy trying to get all of the revisions and stuff in time for Christmas. We'll see =) If I get these done I'm not going to do any until the second week of January (the next ones on my waiting list) so I will have a long break to work on a bunch of original work =)

OK - back to work!
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