Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

let me see... last night went to kachina's house. chi and i had fun playing old Nintendo ROMs on her computer that she got off of Kazaa. she's trying to play Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (the nintendo version, which is far superior to the PC version) and was having a tough time. we couldn't find ANYTHING about the nintendo version online. we of course had played it when we were littler (amber even remembered the various names of the townspeople on sight), but the maps are hard to navigate. matt, chris, james, & amber played D&D. i took some more pictures of amber & chris to put on their website and got them to write some bios. i'll get all that stuff done as soon as i can, amber (if you're reading this!).
then after amber & chris went home (lol, foolish students who have school and jobs in the morning!). chi and matt and i were going to go to Sonic because i saw a commercial for those "Pecan Pie" milkshakes which sounded soooo good. apparently Sonic's hours have changed with the weather, since it was closed at only 11:30pm. instead we went to Wendy's where kachina and matt got frosties and matt and i got fries. when we got home chi and i watched mindless brodcast TV talkshows while matt fell asleep on the floor. we left around 3:30am or so. of course i was all wound up from human contact when we got home and i couldn't sleep for f*cking ever. i've been having a terrible time falling asleep for the past two weeks in particular. sometimes i don't even fall asleep until matt wakes up for work in the mornings. we got up around 9:00am today, and daddy called wanting to know if i could go shopping with him since he didn't work today, but i had to tell him no because grandma & aunt pat were coming down to kansas city to hang out with matt & i. they came around 10:30. we went to a cool bakery downtown owned by one lady who makes all the bread herself in a medieval style oven. she charges like $6 a loaf, but it's damned good bread. besides, it's nice to support people with businesses like that (i don't even think she has any employees, just a little tiny store with a big kiln-oven in it). my grandma bought me some calamata olive bread which was good & purple.

then we all went to Sweet Tomatoes which is a "salad buffet restaurant". it has a giant salad bar, and also has a bakery, soups, baked potatoes, and pasta bar. i like it because most things there are vegetarian, and anything that is questionable (like some of the soups or salad dressings) will have a red sign that says "Non-Vegetarian" on it. that is very considerate of them, because i hate having to bother employees (especially at buffets) with annoying "does this have anchovy paste in it?" or "was this cooked with chicken stock" questions. i wasn't all that hungry though, so i just got a big salad and only went to the pasta bar once. i didn't even get any chocolate lava cake, which is really good.

then we all went to Costco, where my grandma and aunt pat bought assorted grocery items. i put it on my costco card and had grandma write me a check since neither of them have memberships yet. then they dropped us off at home where i showed pat her website i made (she doesn't have a computer, but wanted to be able to show work online to people). you can see it at http://pat.homestead.com

then after they left, matt took me to the post office before leaving for work. they had *diet vanilla coke* in twelve packs and 2 litres now - so i bought four cases (ouch!). it's just as good as the bottled type - yay!

in the meantime i still have some commissions to work on. i also have to get some stuff together for the book deadline. i'm starting some new pieces i hope to have ready in time! i'd better get to work...
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