Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

book stuff

yay! i was emailed a copy of the prospectus and an overview of the contract for the "Best Fairy Art" book i'm going to be featured in next year. they are shipping two copies (one for me to keep of course) of the actual contract to me right now. it's coming from the UK so i'm not sure how long it will take. it's being published by Collins&Brown, under their company Chrysalis Books, specifically under their "Paper Tiger" label. They publish the art books for many other artists like Boris Vallejo, Rowena, Julie Bell, etc. - http://www.papertiger.co.uk/
i'm sooo happy that they are the publishers because they do some of the best books, the sort i always grab at Barnes&Noble when matt and i go there to read (and occasionally purchase). and - get this - i get 4-6 pages ALL TO MYSELF! how cool is that? i even get to have a photo of myself, and i get to plug my website, talk about my commissions, my email address, etc.

as far as the legal stuff goes it all seems pretty straightforward. i retain ALL rights to the artwork. the publishers only have the right to use my images in the book (it will be released in hardback and eventually paperback) and for direct advertising and promotion of the book. according to the contract overview, my "work shall not be reproduced in any subsidiary printed products or merchandise such as calendars, book marks, card decks, greetings cards etc." unless other agreements or merchandising contracts are made. the book specs are as follows:
112pp, 290x220, hardback, 100 pictures, 15,000 words.

i have an interview i have to do and i need to write a 750 word blurb about my work. i also need an artist's photo, i was told "preferably in your studio", that i wouldn't mind being used for the book and for promotional stuff. i don't know about the studio part - i work on the floor about 10 inches from my computers, and bed, and it's in the same room my kitchen is in of course. there's nothing in it to really indicate that it is my studio, i keep all of my art supplies in a box under the futon. maybe i'll doctor up a "studio" looking area just for the photo's sake, lol.


ok, back to work.
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