Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I'm waiting for my mom! She called and let me know that she arrived safely at the airport, and is going to catch a shuttle to the Celebration Hotel and walk over to my place (right across the street!). I'm trying to keep an eye out, since I'm not sure if she'll remember which one is mine, lol.

She's going to be staying with us until Saturday, so I'm going to take kind of a break from work for a little while (I'll probably be kind of absent here at LiveJournal too). Don't worry, I'll still squeeze a little painting in, mostly at night, so you webcam watchers might want to check in here fromt time to time at night ;) I'll probably skim my emailbox for important stuff (so if you need to ask me something important, just put "IMPORTANT" in the subject line of the email, lol!) and of course I'll still keep up with my print orders and that sort of thing.

Mostly though, I'm going to be hanging out with my mom and doing fun stuff. We're planning on hitting the Magic Kingdom tomorrow, Epcot on Thursday and the Animal Kingdom on Friday and I've made a bunch of dining reservations and stuff too. We'll probably do some Christmas shopping and hanging out around too of course!

Talk to you soon!
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