Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I'm home! We had a wonderful time!

On Friday we arrived in Kansas City early in the morning. My mom picked us up and we went to my sister sunkachina's house to meet my new little nephew, Theodore! He is such a cute little guy - a tiny little thing. He is such a sweet little baby, and he looks just like Kachina, lol! We spent a lot of time cuddling him, hehe. The next day we (myself, Matt, Amber, my dad, Robin, Kachina, James, and Theodore) went up to my grandmother's house in St. Joseph for a pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner =) Lots of good food, traditional seasonal foods and Morningstar foods for us vegetarians. We got to meet my cousin Ariel's darling little chihuahua Poppy, and we watched Plan 9 From Outer Space(excellent movie, lol). That night, we went to my dad's house for Matt's birthday party - cake, presents, and even a pinata =) Sunday we went with my mom and sisters and everybody (little Theodore too) to my Aunt Laurie & Uncle Ben's house and had a wonderful lunch with everybody (including my cousins novemberhour, greenhoodloxley, Daniel, and even the elusive belfastar!). We went out and saw Uncle Ben's brand new offices, greenhouses and gardens (he's the director of Kansas City Community Gardens, which is a really cool organization that helps low-income families grow their own food, garden, etc.). Then we went back to Kachina's house and I snapped a bunch of photos of her and little Theodore (which I'll share after I upload them!). Then we flew back late last night =)

We had a lot of fun! The only bad thing was how FREAKING cold it was. Geez, Matt and I have totally wimped out living here in Florida, lol - we couldn't stand the wintry weather. Matt was practically in tears ;) (BTW - right now here in Florida it's 83 degrees in sunny, lol).

Oh my - you would not BELIEVE how much email and print orders and stuff piled up just over the weekend. It's crazy! I've spent all morning on it and I still have a couple hundred to sort through - eek! I do want to get some painting in now though, I want to get some more originals up on eBay soon in time for that last minute holiday rush. I also have more commissions lined up. That on top of tomorrow being Matt's birthday, Thursday being Thanksgiving and my mom coming down to visit us next week, it's going to be some busy busy times for me very soon =)

I'll probably be painting on and off this afternoon and tonight. I have a lot of errands to run (#1 is I must try to track down a Tofurkey - hopefully all of the stores aren't sold out already), but other than that I'll mostly be painting (you'll be able to peek in on my webcam here).
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