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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

fun times

today amber was supposed to pick me up and take me to mom's place, where we were going to have lunch with amber's fiance chris and his family. unfortunately my mom was sick (is everyone sick? at least matt is better now, lol) so it was called off. kachina and amber came over anyways, because i am making a website for amber's impending wedding. both amber and chi had boxes of photographs to try and find a suitable picture of chris&amber being cute together to put on the website. you would think, out of thousands of photos and years of their couplehood, that we could find one. but no, we found only a small handful of photos that included the two of them together, and in all of them chris was making faces. i finally found one that wasn't too bad. however, it was taken at the Biergarten in Epcot and both of them were swinging giant beers. i decided to crop it into a fuzzy circle of chris-and-amber-face. it looks remarkably appropriate. amber's getting married on May 31st of next year, so we've got plenty of time to get the site up. i set it up as a free homestead hosting site, and the URL is http://loganwedding.homestead.com
so far i just set up the bare bones of the site, and i'm using some of the ivy graphics i'm using on my new site.

my new site is progressing slowly but surely. i'd say within the next week or two i will switch www.strangeling.com from bizhosting to homestead completely. anyone will be able to access the site from www.strangeling.com OR www.jasminebecketgriffith.com (i'm so vain...).

amber just left after the cool new simpsons episode ended. i'm so glad they're finally showing the new season - so far both episodes have been funny as hell.

sisters had some great old photos of me and matt from way back before we got married. i scanned one to show everyone - it's from about FIVE YEARS ago, i was about 17 or 18 and i think matt was maybe 24. we're in my grandma's backyard. it's a great picture - it's from before i had ever dyed my hair, so it's a good historical reference for my natural colour. Blonde Jasmine, lol. it's back when matt had a beard and long hair (he looks a lot like Rob Zombie!). we were both a little rounder back then (i think i still had some babyfat in my cheecks), especially matt (who's about 30 lbs lighter now). i think we were living together when the pic was taken, before we got married. here it is:

how cute are we!?! now that i think about it, i think it was on fourth of july. i was wearing camouflage because i thought that it was a patriotic thing to wear.

in other news - coca-cola wrote me back! they thanked me for my appreciation of diet vanilla coke, and assured me that 2&3Litre bottles and 12oz cans in assorted case sizes will be available in a few weeks. for now i'll just make do with the 20 oz bottles.

possibly on a related topic (caffeine?) i couldn't fall asleep until 7:30 this morning (lol, about 2 hours after matt got up for work). i woke up around 9 something, so i only got about two hours of sleep. i'm not sure if it had anything to do with all the coke (the drink, not the nose candy) i had or not. i'm not really tired today, so who cares? i wish i only had to sleep 2 hours a day, i'd get a lot more done.

i have another photo i'd like to share that i ran across, i'm not sure if i will though. my sisters and i all decided that it was the worst photo ever taken of me ("Ever taken of anyone" as kachina put it). it's from when i was 14 and it's my National Spelling Bee ID badge. i had spent the previous 6months bed-ridden and on bloating steroids as a result of assorted chronic respiratory problems (which i have since grown out of, thank goodness!), and was about 40lbs heavier than i have ever weighed before or since. it's weird i've been almost the same size ever since i was in fifth grade, except for brief time when i was fat. i lost it all in about 3 months, but that time of my life was painfully immortalized in assorted national tv programs and newspapers by virtue of my spelling bee fame. talk about an awkward stage...

ok, i've prefaced that with enough disclaimers - here goes:

i sometimes wish i could send myself a photo of how i look now back in time to my 14-year old self for reassurance...
you know what's funny? i actually look younger now than i did 10 years ago. how weird is that?!?
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