July 21st, 2011

Marie Masquerade

New Originals - Tara, Flute Player, Yin & Yang Fairy Statues!

We are back from London - had an AMAZING time as always! Now we're off to a family reunion camping in Illinois this weekend (but will be back late Sunday, so nothing is shutting down, hehe!). NEW ART for you today - so much stuff - today I have a brand new original painting for sale - a painting featured as an illustration in an upcoming book - "Tara" is her name - a 16"x12" original painting up on eBay for an auction starting at one penny!

Also today - another new original painting - a flute-playing fairy in my Faces of Faery series - original 6"x6" painting also up for a penny auction on eBay!

And finally an AWESOME new figurine series "The Power of the Yin and Yang Fairies" - now available to pre-order for fans only from the Hamilton Collection - this is one of the BEST series we've developed so far, I'm very excited about them!

And oh yes - the 35% OFF Prints & Posters sale is continuing at Zazzle - CLICK HERE to see my posters & prints, and use code DECKTHEWALLS during checkout - posters & prints from only $8.97!

New Painting - Tara - Book Illustration

"Tara" - is an illustration of one of the girls in an upcoming book I'm illustrating. It shows a scene from the story, Tara has been picking wildflowers (not supposed to!) intended for some magic butterflies, and now the butterflies are coming after them, hehe. I love butterflies and this was a joy to paint! This is the original 16"x12" acrylic painting on 2" deep craded masonite, ready to HANG! Bidding starts at just one penny for this original painting - up for a 10-day auction ending the afternoon/evening of Saturday, July 30th at 4:45PM Central Time- you can see her below:


And yes - I have the PRINTS & POSTERS for "Tara" up on Zazzle now too, from little $8.97 if you use the checkout code DECKTHEWALLS - 35% off small prints up to huge 78" high massive prints. You can see them below:

"Tara" posters & prints, etc. HERE

New Flute-Playing Faces of Faery #168 ORIGINAL PAINTING - This darling gothic beauty has been interrupted whilst playing her flute. Not sure what has interrupted her, but she looks a bit worried....... part of my 6"x6" square "Faces of Faery" series of original paintings, this is #168 in the series. An original acrylic painting on 2" deep cradled masonite panel with a hanger on the back - sides painted glossy black - no frame needed! Bidding starts at a penny - the auction ends the evening of Thursday, July 28th at 6:00PM Central Time -

Faces of Faery #168 ORIGINAL PAINTING Auction is HERE

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, click HERE - Jasmine's Originals

</b>NEW HAMILTON COLLECTION to pre-order: Jasmine's "Power of the Yin and Yang Fairies" figurines!</b>

I'm very pleased to present - "Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Power of the Yin and Yang Fairies" - one of the most AWESOME series we've collaborated on so far. These really are something special!

Power of the Yin and Yang Fairies: 09-04732-001 $39.99 - each issue is a pair/double "yin and yang" style figurines that embody the duality of the yin & yang.

These are SO cool, one of my best collections to date! Each issue includes TWO fairy statues together as shown - sitting beside each other to form the Yin & Yang symbol (yes, you get both as seen for just $39.99).

From Hamilton: "Sitting cute-as-can-be on a shiny yin yang orb this enchanting pair of fairies are the perfect picture of natural harmony! Presenting “Fire & Ice,” acclaimed artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s first-ever yin yang fairy figurine and the debut edition in Hamilton’s exclusive Power of the Yin & Yang Fairies.

"This harmonious pair is completely handcrafted and painted entirely by hand, from the fairies’ wide-eyed expressions — Jasmine’s trademark — to their dainty poses. Each holds the element she represents and is awash in the corresponding hues of fire and ice. What is truly unique is that they each have one wing, for one fairy is not whole without the other! Plus, the individual wings are connected by the iconic yin yang symbol.

"Every edition in Jasmine’s Power of the Yin & Yang Fairies collection, features a pair of her adorable fairies sitting on shiny orbs, each symbolizing an opposing element of nature. Imagine what balance they will bring into your life when displayed as a complete set! After all, with perfect harmony, you can accomplish amazing things.

"Offered in Limited Editions & Graced with a Special Remarque Offered in limited editions of 95 casting days, each is hand-numbered and inscribed with Jasmine’s special artist remarque created for this collection alone. A matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity comes with every figurine, denoting its status within the series. Subscribe today and you can look forward to each new pair as it is released.

"Hurry; Strong Demand Is Expected!"

This is a SNEAK PREVIEW and only fans who see this can pre-order now! These are not online or for sale anywhere else yet, you need to call by phone to reserve yours (no money now, of course!). And since these are from the Hamilton Collection, you of course get the "Bradford Exchange Best-in-the-Business 100% Satisfaction Guarantee" - You risk nothing by ordering today: your 100% satisfaction is assured by our unconditional, 365-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you wish to return any edition in your collection up to a FULL YEAR from time of receiving it, you may do so, no questions asked, for a TOTAL REFUND!

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine's "Power of the Yin & Yang Fairies" Collection, starting with "Fire and Ice"

The Item Number is: 09-04732-001

*"Fire and Ice" comes first, with more harmonious sets to follow - each issue with two fairies!

*A pair TWO interlocking fairy statues sitting atop a yin & yang symbol

*GLOSSY lovely orb base on each

*Only $39.99 per double set or two convenient, interest-free installments of $19.99 each

*Finely detailed at 4.5" high

*Each hand painted and Limited Edition

*New yin & yang harmony themed JBG - Jasmine Becket-Griffith remarque logo exclusively for this series!

*365 Day Guarantee

*Hand Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Just call:

1-877-268-6638 tollfree

- the ITEM NUMBER is 09-04732-001- and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Power of the Yin and Yang" statue collection starting with "Fire and Ice"! Calling & pre-ordering now by phone will reserve your statues - you don't have to pay until they ship and you have had 30 days to evaluate them, with a 365-day guarantee


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