December 26th, 2009

Marie Masquerade

Snowbound in Kansas

Hey everybody!!

We're up visiting in Kansas, and were hit HARD with the blizzard. Cannot come close to getting the van out of our driveway even =(

So we missed getting to go up to my Dad's house on Christmas. But we've re-scheduled, hopefully the weather will settle down by then.

Late Christmas Eve our furnace/heater broke, which was awful. We were up all night trying to keep warm! Luckily it is working now. Wow though - good reminder of one of the main reasons I live in Florida, hehe.

Oh dear, looks like it is STILL snowing outside.......

Yesterday though Chris came through the snow with ihs 4-wheel drive and picked up Matt & I, taking us to my sister Kachina's house, right down the way, so we had a great little Christmas there.

At least we're keeping safe!

There may be a day or two's wait on orders placed yesterday and today, since we cannot get to the Post Office at all. Thank you for your patience!

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