November 24th, 2008

Marie Masquerade

TWO Original Paintings up for Penny Auctions from Jasmine!!!!

Hi everyone!

Something very special for you today - TWO ORIGINAL PAINTINGS! Yep! One is brand new - "Candy Cane Angel" - a holiday themed painting, and the other one is a magnificent "Strangeling Framed" piece (one of my best yet) that you may have seen before, but now she's up for a ONE PENNY auction - "Alice in the Pool of Tears" - yes, the actual original, Strangeling Frame and all, yes, one penny!!!

First off is "Candy Cane Angel" - a brand new original painting from me - READY-TO-HANG - a golden haired angelic girl with big beautiful eyes, peppermint candy accents, a gorgeous dress - holding a delicious looking candy cane! She is an original acrylic painting on 8"x10" cradled masonite which is 2" thick and ready to hang (Matt's even put a hanger on there for you already!) - she's up on eBay for a 7 day auction ending the evening of Monday, December 1st, at 6:14PM Central Time. She's up for ONE PENNY, no reserve - up on eBay here:

Click HERE to see my new "Candy Cane Angel" - ORIGINAL PAINTING

Now something very special (some of you may have seen her before, but she's pretty new to most of you!) - the latest original in my Alice in Wonderland series featuring a brand new "Strangeling Frame" (it is so cool)! "Alice in the Pool of Tears" is a beautiful, amazingly unique painting for you - a collaboration between myself (the artist) and my husband Matt (the framer/woodcrafter) which combines both 2-dimensional painted elements as well as 3-dimensional sculptural elements! Not only is it a stunning painting - it also has an ORIGINAL "Strangeling Frame"! The frame was handcrafted and hand-cast by myself & Matt - in fact the frame itself contains one of my 3-d wide eyed beauties (looking a bit like Alice herself!)! It is way too cool! You really have to see this one (link is below) to see what I mean. It has some little nautical ship details in the frame too! "Alice in the Pool of Tears" illustrates Alice - after becoming doubtful and disoriented - crying so many tears that it becomes a great sea. As in the book, a friendly mouse swims up - and a crab too! I've painted the piece in subtle, almost sepia-like tones which really gives it a stunning dreamlike quality. There is a phenomenal amount of detail in this piece, I'm very proud of it. It is READY TO HANG! 22"x19" in size, and it's gorgeous! It really has to be seen in person to appreciate it! Normally I would ask several thousand dollars at a fixed price for a stunning showpiece like this, but as I'm getting my studio(s) ready for the holiday rush I'm clearing out wallspace! It is an original acrylic painting on masonite and she's up on eBay for a 7 day auction ending the evening of Monday, December 1st, at 6:18 PM Central Time. She's up for ONE PENNY, no reserve - up on eBay here:


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Enjoy! Tomorrow is Matt's birthday, so we'll have some fun then! =) =) =) And then it's practically Thanksgiving after that, so I'd best locate a Tofurky!