April 21st, 2008

Marie Masquerade

"Nothing Left to Dream", Bunnies, & Dates

We have a bunny who lives in our backyard!

He is so cute! He's been there every day for about two weeks, sitting on the patio, in the bushes, on the sidewalk - looking adorable. He eats some of the flowers, but we don't care, because he is so cute!

I have been putting carrots out there periodically, and he's been eating them. It's like having a pet who we never see up close and who is terrified of us, hehe.

Mama Wolf and Azrael watch him out the window. I think Mama Wolf wants to sneak outside and gobble him up!

In other exciting backyard news - our date palm is growing dates! It's twice the size as when we bought it about a year ago, and it started getting weird greenbean looking seedpods on it. Now the pods are splitting open, and flowering with tiny little dates! I did a little gardening research and read that they should be ready to eat this fall. I'm so excited! I'm going to eat them!

Matt's mom is back in Kansas City now - I think she had a great visit. She's a lot of fun to have around =)

Our stupid oven broke last night, and I needed to "cook" about a zillion canvas prints, too. The repair guy is coming out asap, hopefully it won't cost us an arm and a leg.

Now (of course) for the art news....

I have a NEW original painting - "Nothing Left to Dream" - kind of a sad one - but still quite lovely! Also, just a head's up - my eBay store's 25% Off Everything Sale is still on, so check out the deals before the sale ends Wednesday night at the stroke of midnight.

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"Nothing Left to Dream" is the name- a poor dear dark haried fairy, with nothing left to dream, and in the depths of despair. Her wings are tattered, and there are tears in her eyes as she gazes at a wilting red rose, barefoot in the woods. It's quite large measuring 16"x20" - original acrylics on sheet of canvas. This original painting is up on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY with no reserve for a 7-Day auction ending the evening of Sunday, April 27th at 6:21PM Central Time. You can see it below:

"Nothing Left to Dream" ORIGINAL PAINTING

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Enjoy! I'm going to go paint, and start planning some Dragon*Con stuff!