March 15th, 2007

Marie Masquerade

Pink Dragon Fairy & yet more Hot Topic stuff!

I've had kind of a crappy week. First I had to go to the dentist, blah. Then I did my income taxes, and even though I was a good girl and paid my estimated taxes out quarterly last year, I still ended up owing a ridiculous amount. ::shakes fist at the sky::

Today though, I just did my best to forget about all the bad stuff, and did a pretty painting. Click below to see:


Also - I have even more stuff at Hot Topic! Check your local store, or click below to see my newest sticker - based on my "Three Wise Faeries" painting:


I saw a good movie the other night - I don't know if I could recommend to everybody, it's really kind of messed up, bizarre, and a little disturbing, but I really enjoyed it! It was called "Tideland" and was made by Terry Gilliam (I love his movies). Click HERE to see more info up at IMDB - it's on DVD now. Anybody else seen it? Read the book? Is it good too?

I'm going to go see about some dinner. I'm starving! Enjoy the new art! Tomorrow I will be listing a stack of MINI paintings I've been working on the past week. And some sale stuff. So be on the lookout =)