December 7th, 2006

Marie Masquerade


Here you go folks, a new holiday painting (yes, I do cave in to the pressure of suggestion sometimes, lol).

And it's a good one too - click below to see the magnificent....


The presents are full of mealyworms and dried flies (what froggies love best) but the faeries probably won't know that until Christmas morning, mwahaha.

SO - Matty (along with foxmagic) got up at 3am yesterday waited in line in a Wal-Mart parking lot to get a Nintendo Wii (his belated birthday gift from me). He got one! He got one! Yay Matty! And then we hunted all over town to get the extra controllers & Nunchuk attachments, and games, etc. and we were lucky enough to score everything he wanted. Woohoo! It really is a great system- he got the new Zelda (and also downloaded the original NES Zelda with his Wii Points) and the new Super Monkey Ball (awesome) and it comes with Wii Sports which are cute little sports games showing off the fun wireless controllers. Of course today now he's swamped with getting orders shipped out, so we haven't gotten to play today, but maybe if we get everything done we can see more of it later tonight.

Better go catch up on other work now - enjoy Santa Frog!