September 17th, 2006

Marie Masquerade

New HALLOWEEN Paintings & more!

We are having a wonderful time here with Kachina and the babies. We got to go to the Magic Kingdom and last night we had a little birthday party for Eleanor (her FIRST birthday!). We watched a My Little Pony movie, and had some of her favourite foods (cheese raviolis, cherry cupcakes), etc. What a cutie she is.

Little Theodore "helped" me paint today - by sitting on my lap and pointing out what colours I should use, and grabbing my hand and making me dip my brush in my water, lol. Not exactly helpful, but it was fun =)

So my new paintings are technically by me and Theo! Appropriate, since he was born on Halloween (this'll be his 3rd birthday soon).

Here is the new painting:

"Little Candy Witch" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Then next up I have a couple of #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints from my 2004 Halloween Season.....

"Halloween Night" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT 11x14"

and "Halloween Treats" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT 8x10"

And then (by popular demand) here are a couple of oringinal MINI Paintings - these are at fixed prices of $50 each - really the only times you can buy original paintings of mine for that price - these tend to sell FAST so grab one if you can (and if not, I am sorry - I will try to paint more soon!):

"Little Witch with Orange Stars" ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

"Little Witch with a Pumpkin" ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

For all of my other currently available paintings, click HERE:

All right! Off to go spend some time with family =) Don't worry - there will be MORE Halloween and Day of the Dead themed paintings coming up soon - I'm starting early, hehe.