August 1st, 2006

Marie Masquerade

mailing list headaches....

So I spent all day Sunday, Monday, and now all of today so far working on the mailing list. Almost 50 hours so far into this project, I can't believe it. It's very boring, lol, but needs to be done! At least I get to sit on the couch with Azrael while I do it =) Who would have thought that deleting commas, spaces, copying & pasting would take so long?

Hopefully in the next 24 hours those of you on the mailing list will receive an email (from from BraveNet that says something about confirming your subscription. It will have a link in the email that you will need to click (or copy&paste into your browser's URL field) in order to confirm the subscription and receive future mailing list updates.

I was also looking through previous mailing list updates and realized that so far in 2006 (including mini paintings & commissions) I have painted one hundred and thirty-six paintings. I can't believe it! I'll probably hit 200 paintings this year before the year is out.

That is, if I can get through all the boring stuff like setting up a mailing list, lol. Argh.

Just thought I'd check in to let you know what I've been up to. Assuming I'm not too cross-eyed by typing on the computer too much, I should be painting tomorrow! ;P
Marie Masquerade


Hey everybody-

It seems that some unscrupulous person may be contacting the "runner up" bidders on some of my painting auctions, pretending to be me and offering a fake "second chance" at the paintings. (Trying to scam the other bidders out of money).

This is illegal and certainly against eBay policy.

If you get a message to that effect, it is NOT from me. All my recent painting auctions are already paid & sent, lol - no runner-ups, I have not had to use eBay's second chance offer. If you get an email like that, it is not from me.

Please forward any letters like this to my email address (the ONLY email address I use) and I can send the info to the good folks at eBay to get it tracked down and taken care of immediately.