July 18th, 2006

Marie Masquerade

I'm back!

And apparently in the hecticness of packing & preparing to go, I completely forgot to make a post here at LiveJournal letting you all know that I was gone!

Thank you to those of you making sure I was okay, hehe - I didn't disappear - I was just in Illinois at a family reunion =) I'm back home now safe & sound, and ready to get back to work!

We had fun at Cousin Camp - Matt stayed here in Florida to keep up with orders & shipping, so I flew to Kansas City by myself and went with my sister Kachina, her kids Eleanor & Theodore, my sister Amber & her husband Chris, and my mom & Bill. It was really HOT in Illinois but we still had fun at the campground and chatting with distant relatives, etc.

I had forgotten what HOT weather can be like! It was 20 degrees hotter there than it was here in Florida, lol.

I have a lot of art to work on! New originals, commissions, stuff for Dragon*Con, etc. I'm going to be so busy, but at least it is what I enjoy doing. I sold the original "A Little Shy" painting through my website while I was gone, so now I don't have any originals for my eBay store/website (other than auctions of course) so I need to get some posted up there soon too.

All right - I'm off to paint...something... not sure what yet. I also need to work on some new canvas prints.

Whatever I work on, you can always peek in on my art desk HERE ON MY WEBCAM!
Marie Masquerade

New paintings & other new stuff

Paint, paint, paint....


Specifically, I finished a wonderful little painting on wood! I love painting on these wood panels. Click below to see her:

"Beautiful Blue Butterfly"

Then I also have a tiny 3"x5" ORIGINAL mini painting (acrylic on canvas sheet) - listed at a FIXED price of $50 - try to grab her if you can, it's the only way to get one of my originals at this price =) I apologize in advance if she has already sold, but just in case you can see her below:


Then I have a couple of Lt. Ed. #01 Hand Embellished Canvas Prints - each is the 1st of the edition so I am auctioning them off to be fair to everybody, starting at a penny:

"Gravedigger" #01 Canvas Print

& "Blue Serpent" #01 Canvas Print

and I have some wonderful SALE items this week:

Gravedigger 8"x10" on SALE for $10 &

Gravedigger 12"x16" on SALE for $20

Blue Serpent 8"x10" on SALE for $10

& Blue Serpent 12"x16" on SALE for $20

And for those of you who are new to my journal, you can see ALL of my current SALE items here:


and you can browse through some of my licensed merchandise at Hot Topic in their fairy department here:


Whew! All right! I'm off to try to desperately wade through some of the emails that piled up while I was out of town....