June 3rd, 2006

Marie Masquerade

Just a quick note.....

to let you all know that we're back home, safe and sound! We actually got in last night, but I was so tired and frazzled I was pretty much zonked.

We had a wonderful vacation - we drove well over 4,000 miles and visited I think 17 states (we're crazy). Four different amusement parks, train rides, boat rides, caves, museums, visiting family, restaurants, cities, motel after motel after motel. A little bit of everything!

Now though it is back to work, and I am simply overwhelmed with how much I need to catch up on. Please forgive me if I am a little quiet for a few days because I am going to be swamped with more catch-up than I've had to do in my life =/

I want to get some painting done soon too, I am so anxious to paint it's ridiculous, lol.

So thank you for your patience if you're waiting to hear back from me in an email or something, don't worry - I will get to everybody as soon as I can!


and my website is back to normal shipping times here:

Marie Masquerade

New painting, new canvases, sale, etc.

So.... today my computer wouldn't work =/ It wouldn't network with the other computers, wouldn't get online, etc. Why does this happen whenever I leave town?

Luckily foxmagic came by and fixed us up =)

It was kind of a good thing maybe because it means I got to spend the day painting instead of answering emails, lol!

In fact I finished a new painting - click below to see her:

"Sugar Magnolia"

inspired by the big Southern Magnolia tree in my front yard that is now blooming =) (And a certain song of the same name).

Then I finished up the #01 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Prints for the following:

"Lovely is the Night" #01 CANVAS PRINT

"Princess of the Goblins" #01 CANVAS PRINT

I also have a bunch of sale prints, including both of the above in the open edition glossy format - to see ALL of this week's sale prints, just click below:


Or to see the new ones individually click on their names:

"Princess of the Goblins" 8"x10" ($10)

"Princess of the Goblins" 12"x16" ($20)

"Lovely is the Night" 8"x10" ($10)

& "Lovely is the Night" 12"x16" ($20)


I need to go rest, I've caught a cold up north and I'm feeling kinda sick =( At least I had a productive day!

Tomorrow's my birthday, I hope I will be feeling better then!