May 7th, 2006

Marie Masquerade

New painting and other new stuff!

Amber & Chris came over this weekend and got even more yard stuff cleared out - yay! We have also picked out the pavers we want to do the patio with - beautiful 16" square terra cotta ones - it's going to be so pretty back there!

Today we went to the pet store and bought a brush for Azrael. He has been shedding a lot, so I thought we'd get him a nice brush - Matt brushed him and got a LOT of loose hair off of him. And Azrael really enjoyed it too, hehe. =)

Then I finished a new painting! I love it - the colours are beautiful - click below to check it out:

"Wings of the Night"

In other news, I have even more new items available through the Hot Topic stores. Go check your local Hot Topic to see a lot of new stuff! Also, some of the new stuff is up on the website - just go to and click on the square picture of the fairy on the right hand side of the screen to see all their new fairy merchandise, a lot of which features my artwork! Or jump directly to their fairy section here:

I also have quite a bit more merchandise that will be available very soon (at Hot Topic and more stores, including my website!). Speaking of my website, I will be updating it within the next week or two with dozens of new prints, merchandise, and lots of fan photos, about 40 new fans' tattoos based on my artwork, all sorts of cool stuff!

In still other news, for you ETSY members out there - I have given into your requests and have opened up an ETSY shop! I've just stuck in a handful of prints & canvas prints to see how it goes. ETSY is a new online shop format that is kind of like an eBay store but just for home-made arts & crafts. You can see my ETSY shop here:

All righty - off I go - lots of work to catch up on, as usual =P