March 9th, 2006

Marie Masquerade

Cheap Wine & New Art

Somebody recently told me that my artwork was the "White Zinfandel" of the artworld. It was intended as an insult - according to conoisseurs, white zinfandel isn't a "real" wine, it's just a crowd-pleaser, usually cheap, maybe a little "common" or "low-brow". But you know what? It's my favourite wine. I like it because it tastes good. And I like my artwork, my faeries, my fantasy worlds because they make me happy =) So in celebration of happiness, fantasy & cheap wine, I bring below to see.....

"White Zinfandel"

So there ;P

Now for some MINI PAINTINGS! Bargain priced at $50 each, these sell FAST so I apologize in advance if any (or all) have already sold. Click the titles to see them:

"Lovely Green Eyes"

& "Blue Eyed Stare"

& "What Shall I Do?"

& "Through the Murky Green"