February 25th, 2006

Marie Masquerade

Sunkissed Mermaid

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately! We've been very busy with Kachina, little Thedore and baby Eleanor staying here at my house - having lots of fun though. Theodore has discovered the joys of Thomas the Tank Engine, so we've been watching a lot of that lately. It cracks me up hearing George Carlin reading children's stories, lol.

Although, as per usual when it comes to having small children around, I caught ill and have been sick for the past day or so. Ugh. I haven't been sick since the last time we had visitors, lol. I'm feeling a little better though and I was able to finish a new painting....click below to see....

"Sunkissed Mermaid"

Hey foxmagic - I need to go buy a laptop! Would you want to come along with Matt & I sometime this week to go laptop-shopping (probably CompUSA or somewhere like that)? I'd appreciate your input as far as what I need to hook it up along with our other computers, networking etc.

I'd better go lie down for a bit now, I hope everybody is well and that you all enjoy the new painting! =)