January 26th, 2006

Marie Masquerade

Pirates in Paradise!

I finally finished it - I had so much fun with this one, I could have gone on adding more details until I ran out of room, lol, so I just stopped and it is awesome!!

Click below to see....

"Pirates in Paradise"

Isn't it neat? And it's flippin' HUGE too! And if you look through the auction, you'll see a cheezy picture of me standing next to it, in some pirate gear (thank you Matty, lol).

It's up in my eBay store, but of course you are all welcome to use eBay's "Submit Best Offer" if you'd like to suggest another reasonable offer.

It's really a great painting - lots of fun stuff and cute girls!

Oh man - we went to the Animal Kingdom this morning for a couple hours with my mom & Bill. We split up and then Matt & I went to the Annual Passholder Preview for "Expedition Everest" (new Disney ride!) - I won't give any spoilers - but it is AMAZING - what a great ride! Exceeded my expectations, which were quite high. Yay!!!

Now I need to catch up with some stuff and fix some dinner - I am starved!