September 29th, 2005

Marie Masquerade


We're shipping the last few orders right now, and the emails are caught up with. Anything else is going to have to wait until I'm back =)

Almost all ready to go!

I'll take this quick time to say byebye to everybody! I will be back next Wednesday, October 5th though, hehe, so don't worry.

I will have limited (if any) internet access while I am gone, so I probably won't be able to keep up much with LiveJournal. SO - if there is something that needs my attention and can't wait until Wednesday, please contact me directly at . I will try to at least check my email once or twice while I'm gone, so if it is truly urgent, drop me a line.

Feel free to still order from my website, bid on eBay, etc. but please understand that there might be a few days' delay on emails & shipping. I'll be shipping as soon as I get back Wednesday! I'm sure when I return I will begin painting like a madwoman again. Prepare yourself for some new HALLOWEEN paintings ;)

And oh yes - also when I get back I'll post the photos of my artist's proof sample of my new limited edition figurine - "Lost....but Not Worried"! Sorry I didn't get time to post her today =P I just got her from the factory and she is beautiful!

Okay, off I go!