September 27th, 2005

Marie Masquerade


I'm painting! Who would have thought?

I'm working on a large painting with a bunch of different faeries in it, something along the lines of "Green Goddess" or "Faery Folk Alliance", etc. Hopefully I'll have it finished tonight! I'll do a penny auction and let it run for while I'm on vacation, I'll be back before it ends.

Here's my official VACATION DISCLAIMER (I'll get it up on my website & eBay stuff shortly).

I'm getting ready to take a short vacation to visit my sister and her new baby! So I will be out of town and away from my computer from EARLY Friday, September 30th through Wednesay, October 5th. IF you can get payment in to me before noon (Eastern time) on Thursday the 29th, I can get your order shipped before I leave! Otherwise all email correspondence and shipping will resume upon my return, as soon as I get back!

(/end disclaimer!)

But for now, I'm painting! You can watch me HERE. After this I'll probably try to clear out some of my piling-up emails, to make way for the ones that will pile up while I'm gone, lol.
Marie Masquerade

Fairy Group Portrait!

I can't believe I finished it today! Woohoo! It turned out lovely too - and believe it or not, the colours are even brighter and prettier in "real life".

This was so much fun to paint!

Click below to see what I'm talking about......

"Fairy Group Portrait"

I included some closeup images to show off all the faeries =)

I'm off to colour my hair (gotta touch up those annoying blonde roots, they are starting to look really tacky, lol).

And then to have dinner! I've fallen in a bad habit of not eating all day while I paint and then eating one huge meal right before bed, lol, probably not the best way to do it.

Oh yes - I got something exciting in the mail today, I'll have to share it with you guys tomorrow. ;)

G'night all!