September 25th, 2005

Marie Masquerade

Good morning, world....

Work work work today!

Yesterday we took a small break and went to the Orlando Home Show at the Orange County Convention Center. It was fun - there was a lot of stuff I'd like to get someday. They had some wonderful tiki-style gazebos & bars that would be great for my backyard. Took a look at the hot tubs/spas too - that would be really nice. Although, we do have one of those big bathtubs already, so I don't know if it would be different enough to be worthwhile. They even had a tiki hut that was an enclosure for hot-tubs though - that was pretty cool....

Saw the usual kitchen-appliances demonstrations, etc. - I really want a Vita-Mix now, lol. We had a Vita-Mix when I was a kid, they are awesome blenders that also do amazing things like grind flour from whole grains, and can make (and cook) soup from whole vegetables in 3 minutes. And ice cream in two minutes. They're like $400 though....... =P

I'm supposed to be receiving my artist's sample statue for the next of my figurine line - "Lost... But Not Worried" later this week! I'll of course post photos when I get it! The first one in the line, "Captive Fairy" will be released (I believe) in late October - I will be getting some in stock to sell, and then the next month will be "Lost... But Not Worrried". The manufacturers are taking out an ad for them in Faerie Magazine, so keep an eye out in the next issue.

Let me see, what else is new....

I listed some minis on Friday but they all sold out so I didn't send out my mailing list, hehe. I have a few more that I painted yesterday - I'll probably list them sometime today! I'm happy to finally have a use for canvas scraps. Often when I buy sheets or rolls of canvas there are areas that have inclusions (little griggly bumps that I have to cut around and don't want to paint on!), and it has left me with lots of odd shapes of canvas. So I have Matty cut them down into the mini-sizes and that means much less wasted canvas.

Fellow tea-lover Meredith sent me a link to Adagio teas and I got some samples - one of them is "Valentine's Tea" (HERE) - I tried some last night and MAN that is some good stuff. Tastes & smells like chocolate-covered strawberries (but with no calories, lol).

I'll probably be painting in not too long - you can always peek in on me HERE on my webcam! Not sure what I'll paint, hehe. I'm killing time until I hear back from a few commissions (I think people don't answer their emails on weekends, or something - I'm waiting to hear back from the next three customers on my waiting list!). I will probably be listing stuff in my eBay store rather than auction for the next couple of days since I'm going out of town soon. I like having auctions *running* while I'm gone, but I don't like them *ending* while I'm gone, lol, just on the off-chance I can't get to a computer that day.

All right - off to paint I go.....
Marie Masquerade

New painting & MINIS!

I finished her! And she is truly lovely......

"Fairy of the Magic Leaves"

(In my eBay store at a fixed price, but you are welcome to use the new
"Submit Best Offer" option if you're feeling lucky....)

And then some mini paintings....

"Not Her Natural Haircolour"

"Is It Love?"

& "A Little Too Close"

All up in my eBay store (I'm not listing actual auctions today since I don't want them ending while I'm out of town next week, hehe). I'll be listing some normal auctions a little later on this week to run while I'm gone and end when I'm back >^__^<

I'm going to go get some food now, I've been working hard and haven't eaten all day!!!!

G'night all!