September 15th, 2005

Marie Masquerade

Mini paintings, and other stuff

Good morning!

It is such a good morning - I've been so productive these past two days, I finished two privately commissioned paintings!! >^___^< I am on a roll!

I'm not quite ready to jump into another big painting quite yet, so I'm going to work on some MINI PAINTINGS today. I'll be working on-cam - HERE if you want to peek in on me.

I'll try to give a head's up when I start scanning & listing them, for you early-birds out there ;)

I talked to Kachina last night and found out that my new niece Eleanor's middle name is "Paisley"! How cute is that?

Gonna go paint!
Marie Masquerade

Mini Paintings!!!

Eek - they are selling fast already, don't blame me if they're already sold, lol - here they are:

"Slightly Batty"

"Turquoise Eyes"

"Jack O'Lantern Love"

"Hint of Violet"

"Itty Bitty Mermaid"

"Little Devil Girl"

"Pink Eyed Green Girl"

"Wild Hair and Red Eyes"

"Worried Little Eyes"

Enjoy! Grab one if you can, but I think almost all of them are sold - I try to post them in my journal as fast as I can - I haven't even sent out my mailing list yet (actually I probably won't bother if they've sold already, hehe).

Gotta run - my sister Amber & her husband Chris are here!