September 7th, 2005


New painting & prints!


I have been sooooo busy in the past couple of days - you have no idea! Busy enough to fall very behind on my LiveJournal comments and emails, lol. But in good news, you will be seeing tons of new stuff from me on the licensed merchandise front, (several different licensed merchandise fronts, actually, hehe). More about that later ;)

In the meantime, I have a brand new painting for you - I am very very proud of this one - it's a little different than usual, but it is so lovely - the colours are amazing too - click below to see this beauty......


Isn't she a pretty little fairy?

In addition I have prints up on sale of Poppy Garden -

"Poppy Garden 8"x10""

& "Poppy Garden 12"x16""

Let me see - I'd better get going to go hit some emails and some LiveJournal comments - and make some dinner - and work on a commission - I'll check in with you all later!