June 11th, 2005

Marie Masquerade

Tiger, tiger

This lovely Mr. Tiger is coming along beautifully! I might end up continuing this into a "Big Cats" series (with lions and pumas and cheetahs and panthers and leopards and ocelots and lynx and.... well, you get the idea, lol!). His fairy friend is going to have matching hair & eyes, hehe!

You can peek in on me HERE!
Fall of Atlantis


This was so much fun - I think I will probably continue it into a "big cats" series - me-ow!!!

Click below to see.......

"Taming A Tiger"

What a majestic beast!

Let me see..... I also have a couple of brand new #01 limited edition hand painted canvas prints up for auction:

"Casting the Runes" canvas print

& "Violet Wyrm" canvas print

and then I have the open edition prints on SALE for each of them too this week:

"Casting the Runes" 8x10 print $10 & "Casting the Runes" 12x16 print $20

and "Violet Wyrm" 8x10 print $10 & "Violet Wyrm" 12x16 print $20


We just came back from a long bike ride - it's been raining all day so it's all misty and pretty outside! I guess we're getting the rain from Tropical Storm Arlene. Lots of thunder today too - we were out running errands, buying groceries, etc. for most of the day (when I wasn't painting of course!). It looks like it's supposed to rain for the whole next week too. Ah well, it's good for the plants and the frogs, I suppose!

Have a great night everybody!
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