March 16th, 2005

Marie Masquerade

A reminder to the new people on my list =)

Just a quick disclaimer:

Please do not use any of the photos I post here as "reference photos" for paintings. I of course use them myself for self-portraits, etc. and all of them are copyrighted.

If you are wanting to draw a picture of me for practice or for fun, that is fine, but here are my terms:

*Absolutely non-profit - no selling of the original or prints
*Please ask permission first to make sure that I'm not intending to use that photo myself!
*If posted anywhere online please clearly state that it is based off of a copyrighted photo by of Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I have done portrait swaps, etc. in the past and I take specific photographs for that purpose.

This is all mostly for legal purposes. Obviously if multiple people (including myself) are using the same reference photograph, the resulting paintings will be remarkably similar, and I do not want copyright interference between the resulting paintings of course! Photographs (just like paintings) are copyrighted by the photographer. Not to mention, it is just polite to ask permission first before using somebody's likeness!

/end disclaimer =)

Good morning!!!!!!!

The client for the large commissioned portrait has approved the painting (yay!) - I'm so happy that they like it!

I didn't take scans of it since it's so large (50 inches across!) and it's not going to be a published piece, so I took some shots of it with my digital camera. Now, I'm not the best photographer and some of the pics are a little skewed (I didn't the camera parallel to the painting, so they're kind of at an angle - the lines are all really straight, hehe!), but I thought I'd share some pics of it with all of you since I know many of you watched me paint!

Click on the cut link below to see! It is a portrait of a woman (the mother of the client who commissioned it) who is a book collector. The car in the photo at the top was one of her favourites so I included it in the portrait!

Collapse )
I'm working on a new painting right now - a chocolate fairy! It makes me hungry every time I look at it!

Matt's painting the living room with its second coat - it is looking AWESOME - soooo much better than that awful powdery blue colour - it looks like a completely different room and looks great with our furniture!

All right - I'm going to go paint on my chocolate fairy - you can peek in on me HERE while I work!!!
Marie Masquerade

More to add on the "Books" page!

I completely forgot about this one!

There is a "Fairy Motifs" book thingy that will have some of my designs (and several other artists who submitted here at LJ (Carrie, Maria, Meredith - along with Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, and a TON of others!), along in there to that'll be out soon! You can pre-order it at :

500 Faery Motifs

I need to add it still up on my "Books" page on my website - I can't believe it slipped my mind!

Also - BIG news - a book I'm very excited about - "The World of Faery" - the sequel to "The Art of Faery" has updated with a list of the other artists involved - this should be one of the best fairy art books ever!

You can see more info here and you can pre-order it at here:

The World of Faery


Here she is!!!!!!!!

What a crazy day! I did so much work, Matt finished up painting the living room, and we did so much today, whew!! I'm tired!!

I finished my little cutie! You can see her by clicking the link below...

"Chocolate Fairy"

Cute cute cute!

I also have some NEW Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Prints available for a couple of my newest paintings... each is the #01 print in the edition....

"Calling the Storm" canvas print


"Bumble Bee Fairy" canvas print

and then I have a NEW SALE print! It's Bumble Bee Fairy!

The 8"x10" prints are HERE on sale for $10 and the 12"x16" prints are HERE on sale for $20!

All right - I'm tired, I'm going to drag myself away from working for the night =) G'night all!
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