March 4th, 2005


The madness continues.............

Well, after about 15 hours working on my website yesterday I would say I'm between 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through. Geez...........

I really, really feel like painting too - it's sad, lol. I want to do a new installment in my Alice in Wonderland series, I want to do a new self-portrait for the EBSQ Show, I have so many paintings I want to do! Argh!

But no, today I'm just sitting staring blankly at a screen and being bored to tears =P

I'm adding lots of new prints and also updating ALL of my images to include the "canvas print" option, so pretty soon you can buy the limited edition hand-painted canvas prints of ALL of my paintings, right from my website! >^__^< That will be really cool, and will make it easier for the non-eBay people (since previously I've only offered a handful as canvas prints, and only on eBay).

I'm also adding a list with purchase info of all of the books I've collaborated on, and a store with my licensed merchandise and stuff in it.

So it's taking a darned long time to do, but in the end it will be worth it! Hopefully I'll finish it all today and will be back painting tomorrow!!!!! Sorry I keep disabling the comment feature on my posts, hehe - I need to catch up on everything!
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New Prints and Stuff!!!!!

Whew! I'm still working on updating my website - eek! I've done a TON of stuff, added new prints, added merchandise, etc., but there's still a bunch left to do. Not too much longer, hopefully - I want to paint, dammit!!! >^__^<

I took a little time off today to make some new canvas prints (yes, I took time off of work to do more work =P)!

These are the #01 first editions:

"Mermaid and Her Sea Serpent" Canvas Print


"Green Dragonling" Canvas Print

And then since they look so nice together, I've decided to offer a "print set" of my three latest "Dragon" themed prints - you can get "Elf Maiden and Her Dragon", "Mermaid and Her Sea Serpent", and "Emerald Guardian" all together (8"x10" prints) for just $25.00 for a limited time only.......

CLICK HERE to see the Dragon Print Set!

And then I've also put the "Mermaid and Her Sea Serpent" open edition prints up as one of this week's SALE prints - HERE are the 8"x10"s and then HERE are the 12"x16"s.

All right..........back to um, work..........
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