March 1st, 2005


What a dull day!

So far at least!

All I've done today is piece together scans and burn files onto CDs - urgh, this is boring.

I finally have everything backed up though, so that's good - I started a new painting while the CD writer was running and now I can turn my webcam back on- you can watch me paint HERE.

The new piece has a ferret in it!

Hopefully I'll finish it today and post it along with my latest masterpiece (that big one with the butterflies) - "Butterfly Maiden" - later tonight. Then I'll catch up on emails and then tomorrow I'm taking the day off since it is our anniversary! Yep - kaokame and me = 8 years!!!! Not sure what we'll do, but it will be all in biking/walking distance since our van decided to stop working, hehe.

All right - off to work!
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Wow! Two of them! >^___^< Good ones too, lol.

Today I finished an adorable painting...... click below to see.......

"A Ferret and His Fairy"

I love it!!!!! I was going to call it "Fairy and Her Ferret", hehe, but I think the relationship is quite the other way here, lol.

and then.....finally.....the piece I finished yesterday (modeled by the lovely irrimiri - I will get your big free print shipped out to you asap, Miriam!) below to see......

"Butterfly Maiden"

I had Matt take a photo of me standing next to her to show how big this one is - you really have to see it in person to appreciate it, there is a lot of detail and I'm very proud of it! >^__^<

All right!!! I'm going to go fix some dinner and then get a few more emails done. Tomorrow is our anniversary of course, so you probably won't hear from me again until Thursday, hehe!!! Have a wonderful evening, everybody!!!
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