February 4th, 2005

lots of jasmines

Work, work, work!

I got so much work done yesterday! Cleared out some older emails (plenty left though >__<), backed up files, ordered more shipping supplies, sent out submissions for a couple of book projects, and well - I guess that's all, but man it took forever! I kept thinking I could get it done in time to paint, but it took allll day and allll evening. =P

Right now though, I'm setting up at my art desk to paint! First I will be hand-embellishing some first-edition canvas prints (for my new "Field of Poppies" and for "Belladonna's Gift"!), and then I will start a new original painting. I have a lot of ideas lined up - not sure which one I will choose. At Matt's suggestion I was thinking about doing a painting featuring the little brown girl with the blue face paint who's hiding in Queen Mab (hiding by the Greenman in this detail - here. Maybe her and her family in the woods (I think they're little brownies or something woodsy/tribal like that). I also want to do a new portrait of Elizabeth Bathory too, So we'll see!

At any rate, you can watch me HERE on my webcam as always!
lots of jasmines

Sorry 'bout that!

I know I said I was going to paint, but instead I got bogged down again with paperwork - it never ends!

You can REALLY watch me HERE now, lol.

NEW Tribal Fairy Painting, canvas prints & Field of Poppies prints!!!

She's finished! I painted like a madwoman tonight and finished her up and already have her scanned in - she is just so darned cute =)

Click below to see her......

"Tribal Fairy"

In addition, I have the #01 prints of my limited edition canvas prints of two new paintings - click to see.....

"Field of Poppies" canvas print
"Belladonna's Gift" canvas print
And since I've had so many requests after she got snatched up already, hehe, I went ahead and released the open edition prints of "Field of Poppies" and put them on SALE!

"Field of Poppies" 8"x10"

"Field of Poppies" 12"x16"

Man, I'm going to go eat some food! I have some vegetaran steaks ready to cook (they're really good!).