January 13th, 2005

Marie Masquerade


I've finished you, you bastard painting! You who sucked the life out of me for 20 hours. Aha! I've finished you, and DAMN you are cool.

If I were even more insane than I am already, I would stay up another six hours to scan it in. But I'm not there yet - I'm just moderately insane, not utterly and completely. Yet.

Seriously though - this painting is cool. Oh man, it's cool. Technically (from an artistic point of view) I would say it's my best piece to date. Very "mature" in style, or something. Um, er, well, I'm tired and rambly.

I am going to take tomorrow morning OFF of work. I will be back working in the afternoon though, to scan this bastard painting in and piece it together to share with you all =)

Oh, I have such a love/hate relationship with my paintings - I love them, and they hate me.

Yeah, it's time for me to go to bed.
Marie Masquerade

The Fall of Atlantis!!!!!!!!!!

All right!

Here she is - I'm finished and I FINALLY have her all scanned in......click below to see her........

"The Fall of Atlantis"

I'm so darned happy with how she turned out! I spent at least 20 hours on this, I think - it's all a blur now. She's larger than "life sized" too, hehe.

I took today (well, part of it) off! We went to Blizzard Beach which is one of the Disney waterparks - what a fun place! It was in the low 80s, and mostly sunny - we had a wonderful time =)

Oh yes! I have a couple of new sale prints up! The first is Queen Mab -

Queen Mab 8"x10" & Queen Mab 12"x16"

the second is Lost....but Not Worried (which is from a couple years ago, but somebody just pointed out to me that I never put her up on eBay, lol, so I thought I'd better, seeing as she's one of my best-sellers!).

Lost....but Not Worried 8"x10" & Lost....but Not Worried 12"x16"

All right! I'm off to help Matt get some orders and stuff done - have a great evening, all!
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