January 2nd, 2005

Marie Masquerade

Good morning, good morning!

Another beautiful day - a little breezy, I've got the windows open - not too hot, not too cool. Weather.com calls for the same every day for the next ten days in a row - highs in the upper seventies, lows in the mid/upper 50s. All mostly sunny - that's what I call perfect!

I FINISHED a painting yesterday! I haven't scanned her in yet, but she's an adorable little wide-eyed cutie with green wings behind a crumbling stone window - I love how she turned out. I'll try to list her tonight along with the new first editions of my canvas prints of "Ophelia Immortal" and "Hamadryad". I've already sold a lot of Ophelia canvas prints, but I still never have auctioned off the first one, so I thought I'd better do so, lol.

I'm planning on starting a new BIG painting today! I've been doing a lot of larger pieces lately - the one I did yesterday was only 12x16 though, so don't worry - I'll still be doing small pieces from time to time, hehe.

The painting I'm going to start today will be one of my very large, detailed pieces - it's going to feature Queen Mab and her court. She's a faerie queen mentioned in Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet?) and also loosely associated with Arthurian legend as well. I've got a couple of things to catch up on first, but later on you can watch me paint HERE on my webcam!
Marie Masquerade

NEW PAINTING!!!! (And Canvas Prints!!!)

I've posted the new painting I finished yesterday!

It is called "La Finestra Verde" (the Green Window, in Italian) and you can see her by clicking below......

"La Finestra Verde"

in addition, I have some new first #01 limited edition hand-painted canvas prints - click HERE to see "Hamadryad" and click HERE to see "Ophelia Immortal".


Now, back to work on Queen Mab - you can peek in on me HERE on my webcam!