December 20th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

It would be difficult to describe in words...... INCREDIBLY busy things are around here! We're doing multiple post office stops per day, UPS store, everything trying to get the "MUST ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS" orders out in time for Christmas >__< So far, so good though! Amazingly busy, but going rather smoothly. I'm so glad I have Matt here, otherwise I don't know what I would have done. I haven't left the house in days, lol - I've been working on COMMISSIONS that I need to finish before we leave for the holidays. I've got ONE MORE left and it's ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!

Huzzah!!!! Just maybe a couple of hours more at the most and it will be finished! Good commissions though, fun to work on, so it's not been bad at all =) This one I'm almost through with has three little girls who remind me a little of me and my sisters at that age, hehe.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, and that the webcam is still pointed away for the commissioned pieces, hehe. It ought to be back very soon though - whenever I work on commissioned projects I invariably am struck with so many ideas for new original paintings, so despite the fact I've done nothing but paint for days, I'm excited about starting some new paintings. (Yeah, I'm a bit touched in the head.....)

All right, back to work ;)
Marie Masquerade


Matt is at the Post Office AGAIN today, hehe.... somebody bought the original of my Purple Winged Fairy!! (Yayy!) And it's for a present, so we had to rush it out so quickly, lol. They bought it from my site so I need to make sure to cancel the eBay store listing for her (d'oh!).

Almost DONE on my last commission!! This will be the last one I work on before the holidays - it will be nice to have a short commission-break. I have so many originals I'm excited to do myself now!

I need to finish this up, email the scan to the customer and then my webcam will be back as usual =) Hehe, I apologize to the webcam-junkies out there - I just typically don't broadcast private commissions (particularly portraits, and particularly when the portraits may be surprise Christmas gifts to potential webcam viewers, LOL!).

So, back to work - I'll post asap with the webcam link when I'm working on something that I can show off, hehe ;)
Marie Masquerade

Attention eBay artists who list in Self-representing Artists Category!

There is currently a poll up on eBay to vote if you'd like to change the name of the category currently called "Self-Representing Artists" (I know a lot of you here list there!). A lot of folks would like the name changed to make it more obvious that those listing in that category are selling the work DIRECTLY from the artist themselves (not mass-marketed reproductions from painting factories, etc.) and also some folks want the new category to start with the letter "A" since that would put it closer to the top of the alphabetical list, lol.

The poll is here:

(pssst....I voted for "Art - Direct from Artists")