November 20th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good afternoon!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who took my silly quiz!!!! That was a lot of fun, lol - it was so hilarious to see your answes, hehe!!!

The two things that struck me the most were:

*A WHOPPING 85% of you spelled my name WRONG! I was just in shock about this! First off, it was a trick question - the quiz header said "How well do you know Jasmine Becket-Griffith" on each question - but you almost all chose to spell my name with two t's - "Beckett-Griffith" instead of the correct "Becket-Griffith". I feel like signing my emails all with "Jasmine Becket(with one t)-Griffith", lol! I worry though, since a lot of people try to search my name online and on eBay, etc.... eek!

*The heighth question - OMG - too funny! Almost the only people who guessed correctly were people who have met me in person. ALL OF THE REST of you chose either 4'6" or 5' - with the vast majority choosing 4'6"! That is just too funny!!! I did some number crunching, and averaging it out it seems that the general public would place me at 4'9"! (What is really funny is that even some people who HAVE met me, and even blood relatives placed me at 5' or shorter, hehe).

Okay, hehe - enough giggling at that! I've been mostly catching up on boring stuff still today. Ugh! I'm finishing up a custom piece, and then later on I'll start a new original - I'll post the link to my webcam when I start! (Now though, it's off to make lunch!)