November 13th, 2004

Marie Masquerade


I'm painting on my new Swamp Fairy! She is turning out so beautifully, this is definitely one of my best pieces. I will probably finish her later today!

Since she's so large and detailed, she'll be going in my eBay store at a fixed price, hehe. I will offer "sale" prints of her right away though, for those of you who are interested =) I'll also put my "Alchemist's Revenge" prints up very soon as well.

Our neighbors came over yesterday and asked us if it would be okay if they were to replace our current shared 6' PVC privacy fence with a 6' stucco wall! I would definitely like that, lol. Especially since they are paying for it, hehe. We talked to them for a long time - they are finishing off their third story, which we found very interesting since they have the exact same floorplan of house that we do. We were thinking about doing the same with our third floor (there's a lot of room up there, and it has nice dormer windows and everything all setup already), so they're going to fill us in on how much it all costs, etc. If I start itching for more room, I would much rather do that than go through the hassle of moving again! They also told us that our garage (it's a big detached garage) is zoned to be added onto like a garage-apartment (with a second story), which also sounds like kind of a fun idea, in the future......maybe for art storage/printing stuff, etc...... we'll see......

Anyways! I'm off to paint! You can watch me HERE!
Marie Masquerade

New Painting!!!! And new prints!!!!!

Oh man, it's been such a long day!!!!

FOUR HOURS of which I spent simply scanning & pieceing together my new painting that I finished, hehe. I love doing large paintings, but they are a bit crazy to scan in, lol!!!!!!!!!

But I am so very proud of this painting, and so very pleased with how she turned out - truly one of my best so far!!!

I've called her simply "Swamp Fairy", and you can see her here:

"Swamp Fairy"

I included a photo of myself next to it to show how big she is!!!!!

Since it's so large and detailed, I put her up in my eBay store, where she will remain until purchased =)

But of course in the meantime, I have listed her as one of this week's "SALE" prints!

Here they are:

10"x8" "Swamp Fairy" print on sale for $10.00

16"x12" "Swamp Fairy" print on sale for $20.00

And in addition I have my new Alchemist painting available as sale prints:

8"x10" "The Alchemist's Revenge" print on sale for $10.00

12"x16" "The Alchemist's Revenge" print on sale for $20.00


I'm off to fix up some dinner, and tear myself away from this computer for awhile.